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“ kldjsgfjsdgkjs ”
by Abraham Lincoln
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Blog Entry number 2

4 months until ireland. So excited!

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new boards of canada, is extremely worth a listen.

dont you think we dont you think we dont you think we flow?



secret soul.

but surprisingly i was ghost tumblring even longer than i came off it only because i quit cold turkey from being a tumblr mass post producing machine and my queue was filled to the absolute brim. 

well i guess i’ll go ahead and update things a bit. still heather. i am now a sophomore in college majoring in biology. i live in a house with three other boys. next spring im dropping out of college. but i guess more recently, i can tell you my life is totally uninspiring and bored. i work 40 hours a week as a waitress at a folk/americana music venue, the other hours getting drunk and watching the office. this i am very proud to say because it took quite a bit of time to finally watch television without background music without absolutely freaking (but honestly, for a beginning to this summer, its not been too impressive.) i did go tubing the other day, which was nice. I lost a front tooth yesterday, i look so silly. but oddly i really don’t give a fuck about my missing tooth, i think i can rock this look. (its not my front-front but its one of the next closest ones if you know what i mean.) i feel less bound to what i used to be involved in, which i feel pretty good about. i’m perfectly content living with my best friend sharing a queen sized bed and a dream instead of getting caught up in previous clique dynamics. i live in a beautiful place, i think jonny and i want to write a novel combining two dreams we both had, i may spend a lot of my summer writing. even though i’m terrible at literature and terrible at comma splicing and capitalizing and run on sentences. i planted a garden that’s surprisingly growing (who knew it would be so easy!) in ten months im going to walk 3,500 kilometers and really i don’t know. who knows. and oh, i really love things. but also, fuck you